sâmbătă, martie 27


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Because it is spring time, and people celebrate women, who have flower's name, I was thinking to show one of my favorite bracelet. It has got an emerald stone, in front, and opal and small fresh water white pearls...All of them are wrapped  into copper wire...Even the claps...

miercuri, martie 17



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luni, martie 15

Charm pendant

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!

One of my charming pendant, it is just like a
plum, but I like it, so much...

vineri, martie 12


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A pair of earrings, that are
pretty nice and the contrast
between the colors ,white transparent
and red wire give more
charm to them...
Hope you like them...

Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Oval Created-Opal Button Post Earrings

marți, martie 9

Moon rocks

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A bracelet that I  feel really 
proud of is "Moon rocks"
I think you will like it , too...

Gold Sand Stone Chip Stretch Bracelet

duminică, martie 7

                                 A very strange shape Baltic amber, I have got and...
...a new pendant  I have done. It is about 2 cm long and it is a stone wrapped into golden wire.it is one of my favorite ones...It is a semi transparent stone, with some black spots. I think they are insects...Who knowes...

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!