luni, mai 24

Purple pendant (improved)

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An older pendant , that needed something new, it has just been  finished...

duminică, mai 23


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A pair of earrings  made of river stones and shells...

joi, mai 20

Wedding earrings and necklace

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My niece's wedding is pretty close, and I have  got a lot of stuff .And  it is just like a "bug"...I think and create most of he time all kind of earrings, bracelets and necklaces...This time, it is talking about an older pendant, made of pearls...I have made a necklace for it, from crochet wire and pearls.And, also , near it it is a pair of earrings, made, with the same crochet wire and pearls...Of course, with different shapes of white pearls...

And here are the earrings..
White 4-8mm Graduated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Clasp, 18"

marți, mai 18

Ones more...

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luni, mai 17

Wedding necklace

A nice wedding necklace for a dearest person...

Wedding necklace

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Because a waited wedding is really close, I was thinking to make something special, for a special bride.And, I started to twist the wires, with different white pearls shape...

vineri, mai 14


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I have just trying new technique in jewelry making...I think that it is nice...

duminică, mai 9

Night Moon

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A dalmatian stone, that it is one of my favorite one, is now a nice necklace...

miercuri, mai 5

Multycolor necklace

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On older necklace, but, I has just adjusted and attached it some small metal beads ...