vineri, august 6

BEAUTY of NATURE: by SiHammond - " Faves from 2009 "

BEAUTY of NATURE: by SiHammond - " Faves from 2009 ": "by SiHammond - ' Faves from 2009 '"

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joi, august 5

Blue and pearls earrings

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!

Thinking to something simple and nice, I had had a great idea about
wrapping stones and small shaped white pearls on memory wire...
So, here there are a pair of earrings...
Would you like wearing them? What clothes do you think will be suitable for them?Let me know ...Turquoise Flower Chandelier Earrings With Pearl Beads Fashion Jewelry

luni, august 2

Pearls ring

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A new ring, that needed attention to make it , because of the thin wire, and difficulty in keeping it fix it, when I had wrapped the wire...It is something like "blue ring", but just a little different...Let's say, it is the cousin one...