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Attention! Because this blog was really old, I started a new one: http://aldennbuju.blogspot.com
You can find there the up-to-date of my jewelry. Sorry, but I made it in Romanian...Hope you will find me there...Have a great day ahead!

vineri, septembrie 30

Bijuterii hand-made, Aldenn: Bratari cu piatra soarelui

Bijuterii hand-made, Aldenn: Bratari cu piatra soarelui

Thanks for viewing! / Multumesc pentru vizita!

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joi, mai 26

Coral-my love...

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!

Charming earrings. Made of red coral and silver wire, they can match any kind of clothes and all day long...

luni, mai 16

Green silver ring

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!
Finding an Avnturin lost stone between my stuff, I was urged to create a silver ring. It is nice and it can be worn almost all the time, with any clothes...

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Welcome to my site!Enjoy!
Silver wire and pearls are my favorite...I have made a ring and a pair of earrings...For a long time, I did not make anything, as jewelry kind...But now,I tried again...Hope you like them...Sterling Silver 10mm Gray Shell Pearl Ring, Size 5

marți, martie 22

New & Old

Pearls necklace and earrings, in the first photo,
a pair of  Turqoise, red coral and copper wire earrings...

...a necklace made of all kind of chip semiprecious stones,that matches to any occasion , and
an old necklace, made of copper twisted wire, orange coral and pearls.
It is just like a small garden, I think...

 A funny big river stone and copper wire earrings, and
a recently ring, made of aluminum wire and silver metal beads

 A pair of garnet and gold plated chain and metal beads, and,

a necklace, made of  a green caboshon and on it, a "garden"of pearls...

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And, finally, a pair of  long tear-drop pearls earrings...

luni, martie 7

Older pendants...

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!
The first pendant, is a baltic amber, wrapped into gold wire. It is my precious one. I wear it all the time, hanging in a necklace. When I had seen it, as a gift from my husband, I falled in love with it. It remained with me, all the time...

The second pendant, was made by rose quarts gemstones, cherry quarts and copper wire. It was big, but really nice, as you can notice.

These pendants were made two years ago, but I enjoy seen and wearing them...

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Welcome to my site!Enjoy!

 English:    Three small pendants just for valentine day!
Romanian: Trei medalioane de Sf. Valentin!

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Brown and pearls pendant/ Medalion cu piatra maro si perle

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A pendant made from an unknown brown and pink and white stripes on it,wrapped into silver copper wire, with medium size white pearls...

Un medalion creat dintr0o piatra maro cu striatii albe si roz, prins in sirma de argint cuprat, cu perle albe. Are 7 cm/3 cm.

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Welcome to my site!Enjoy!
Ma bucur sa va prezint bijuteriile mele!

Sunt trei medalioane, create in ultima luna, 2011, in atmosfera de sarbatori si de inceput de An Nou! Sunt bijuterii create cu migala, atentie si multa daruire. Persoanele care le vor purta, nu numai ca se vor simti mult mai bine, frumoase dar si protejate...Se spune ca, cine creeaza ceva, isi pune in acel obiect, gindurile bune si simtamintele cele mai profunde...Ca sa protejeze de "rele" pe cei care le poarta...Va astept cu pareri, opinii, sugestii si de ce nu sa deveniti posesori ale acestor minunatii...

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vineri, ianuarie 28

Autumn pendant

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Bine ati venit pe acest blog, dedicat unei lumi mici, dar pline de frumusete!

Acesta este un medalion, dintr-o piatra maronie cu dungi subtiri de roz si alb, prinsa in sirma de cupru argintata, cu perle albe mici si mijlocii ca dimensiuni. Este de 7 cm lungime si de 3cm latime. Este o bijuterie potrivita pentru petreceri sau pentru un pantalon lung si o bluza lunga, fie de culoare neagra, fie o culoare deschisa, luminoasa.
Pret: 35 lei
Numar de telefon: 0258/751905

miercuri, ianuarie 19

Two pendants, 2011

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!A tiny necklace, made of stone (unknown) copper wire and small pearls, and the other one, a medium pendant, unknown stone, in rusty color, black and light blue spots on it. The stone is wrapped into silver copper wire...

vineri, ianuarie 14

Water drops...

 Inspired by Nature, these earring are made of cherry quartz, silver wire and silver copper wire. They are glittering in the sun light...

 And the last photos show the real water drops, hanging on the branches in my court-yard, after a couple of mist days...
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Lanturi si medalioane

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!/ Bine ati venit! Bucurati-va de ceea ce vedeti!

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Welcome to my site!Enjoy!