marți, martie 22

New & Old

Pearls necklace and earrings, in the first photo,
a pair of  Turqoise, red coral and copper wire earrings...

...a necklace made of all kind of chip semiprecious stones,that matches to any occasion , and
an old necklace, made of copper twisted wire, orange coral and pearls.
It is just like a small garden, I think...

 A funny big river stone and copper wire earrings, and
a recently ring, made of aluminum wire and silver metal beads

 A pair of garnet and gold plated chain and metal beads, and,

a necklace, made of  a green caboshon and on it, a "garden"of pearls...

Welcome to my site!Enjoy!

And, finally, a pair of  long tear-drop pearls earrings...

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